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Timber Cape Cod Cladding

Timber Cape Cod Cladding

Cape Cod finished wood siding (cladding) is a name that envokes an image of warmth, tradition and permanance. Nothing makes your building look more welcoming and hospitable. Cape Cod Siding (cladding) lets you enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish.

Cape Cod Siding is as versatile as your imagination. It is easy to install in horizontal or vertical patterns,meeting the strictest design specifications.

Accessories include a wide range of options including outside corners, colour-matched nails, and touch-up paint - all part of the Cape Cod package.

Cape Cod comes in five different colours: Victorian Grey, Indian Corn, Cape Cod Grey, Ocean Blue and Chesapeake Blue. 

The Cape Cod manufacturing process is the most advanced possible with:

  • A nine-head moulding machine
  • Vacuum-coat painting system
  • Steam kilns
  • Computer-controlled ripsaws

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding is manufactured from selected Western Canadian Lodgepole Pine. The wood is kiln-dried and band-sawn to produce a textured face.

Cape Cod then applies two coats of the finest finish available – Olympic PPG Machine Coat, a 100% acrylic, breathable, water-based paint coating. Cape Cod Siding is an authorized Olympic PPG Machine Coat factory finisher.

This top-quality finish is applied under strictly controlled factory conditions, ensuring consistent, uniform application for maximum protection and endurance.

Six reasons to choose Cape Cod Siding:

1. Consistent high quality 
2. Natural insulating properties 
3. Resistance to scratches & dents 
4. Fifteen-year warranty 
5. Five different colours to choose from
6. No weather delays for installation

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding brings the warmth and welcome of real wood, the beauty and prestige of tradition – and the advantage of easy installation and low maintenance.  

Cape Cod Cladding is charged at €38 per Sq Meter. However, as every installation is unique, please call us on 01-493 1034 or email for a quote.

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