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3x3 timber, which refers to timber that is 3 inches by 3 inches in cross-sectional dimensions (width and thickness), is a versatile and commonly used building material. It is used for a wide range of construction, garden and woodworking projects. Here are some common uses for 75 x 75mm treated timber:

  • Support Posts: One of the most common uses for 3x3 timber is as support posts in various light garden projects. These posts are used for supporting lighter decks, porches, fences, pergolas, and other structures. 4 inch posts can be used for extra strength.
  • Fencing: 3x3 timber is often used as the posts in fencing projects, providing stability and strength to the fence structure.
  • Landscaping: It can be used in various landscaping projects to create borders, steps, or decorative elements in gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our 75mm timber posts have been pressure treated making them perfect for outdoor use, they are protected from rot and decay.

What length do I need for a fence support post?
First decide on the height of the fence you require. Example below for a 6ft (1.8m) high fence -
You'll need the wooden \ timber support post to be 2ft (.6m) longer then the height of the fence. This is to allow for the post to be fixed into the ground. The length of post required is 8ft (2.4m)

Double the life of your fence post by adding a Postsaver, click here to purchase

ADD Postsaver - Doubling the life of your fence post

  • Postsaver barrier sleeves comprise a tough polythene outer layer with a meltable bituminous lining.
  • Postsaver fence post protection works by keeping preservatives in and decay out.
  • Postsaver sleeves were developed 15 years ago and are fully proven and tested.

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3 x 3 (75 x 75mm) Treated Timber

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