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4 x 1.5 inch Timber or 100 x 35mm Treated Timber 

4x1.5 inch timber, is a timber that measures 4 inches in width and 1.5 inches in thickness, and has a variety of potential uses in both construction, garden and woodworking projects. Here are some common applications for 4x1.5 inch timber:

  • Framing: While not as robust as larger dimensional lumber, 4x1.5 inch timber can be used for light framing in small construction projects, such as sheds, garden structures, or smaller outbuildings.
  • Shelving: 4x1.5 inch timber can be used to build sturdy shelves in sheds, garages, or storage units.
  • Small Furniture: This size of timber is suitable for crafting smaller outdoor furniture items, such as small tables, small benches, or plant stands.
  • Crafts and DIY Projects: 4x1.5 inch timber is often used in DIY and woodworking projects for creating smaller items like picture frames, wooden signs, and other craft projects.
  • Garden Edging: In garden and landscaping projects, it can be used as edging to define garden beds or pathways.
  • Structural Repairs: When larger structural elements are not required, 4x1.5 inch timber can be used for repairing or patching existing structures, such as wall studs, floor joists, or other minor repairs.
  • Outdoor Projects: While not ideal for load-bearing outdoor structures, it can be used for non-structural outdoor projects like small garden trellises, decorative fencing, or pergola details.
  • Home Renovations: For minor renovations, 4x1.5 inch timber can be used for various purposes, such as reinforcing or repairing existing structures.

Our 4 x 1.5 inch timber has been pressure treated making it suitable for outdoor use. It has been treated to prevent against rot and decay.


4 inch
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Pressure Treated
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4 x 1.5 (100 x 35mm) Treated Timber

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Product Code 64x1.5T