In the early 1980's, we began the initial operations of our sawmill in the Dublin Mountains. O'Kelly's Sawmill & The Shed Man was officially established in 1986 by Henry & Shirley O'Kelly. Over the past 37+ years the company has grown and re-branded under the name Timbertrove. 

Timbertrove is a unique, award winning, 100% Irish Owned Family Business with years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of top quality timber products.


We believe our success is based on differentiation through innovative design, quality materials and craftmanship in addition to superior customer service. We have a very experienced and dedicated workforce. Our company is C2 registered and fully insured.

We are situated in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, opposite the Hellfire Club. Since 2009, we've been serving coffee. Timbertrove Scones quickly became our best-selling product soon after our Country Store & Cafe was established. 

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Check out our feature in Sean Gallagher's book Secrets to Success! The book includes a chapter on the story of Timbertrove and how we successfully developed our business over the past 30 years.

Read our book, 'The Story of Timbertrove', written by Shirley O'Kelly.

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Our awards include:

The Total Concept

From design to site preparation, surfacing, furnishing and aftercare service.

Timbertrove has an unequalled reputation for innovative design and high quality standards in garden timber buildings. The range is in constant development to meet the diverse requirements of designers, architects and builders, as well as new trends in the wider consumer market.

Timbertrove has a vast experience of working in timber in conjunction with other materials. This capability has been utilised in developing a unique expertise in planning, design and construction of recreational facilities and decorative features of the highest standard. The product is continuously improved to meet the stringent demands of specifiers.

The key elements are:

Timber brings natural beauty to outdoor areas - in its textures, scent and warmth. The sculptural qualities of Timbertrove's style adds to the aesthetic appeal. Design is a keystone of the company's service. The products are designed to enhance any environment urban or rural with quality and longevity in mind. 

Timber, being a renewable resource, is farmed and is replanted for feeling. Timbertrove use a heavier gauge timber in their products which is pressure treated to extend its lasting qualities.