Delighted to Partner with Guaranteed Irish

Delighted to Partner with Guaranteed Irish

At Timbertrove, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Guaranteed Irish, a renowned organization dedicated to championing the best of Irish businesses and products. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence, reaffirming our commitment to quality, integrity, and community.

For over 37 years, Timbertrove has been at the forefront of crafting top-quality timber products, serving the Irish market with distinction and pride. From garden sheds to timber fencing, trellises, and wood furniture, each of our creations embodies the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our association with Guaranteed Irish is more than just a partnership, It's a testament to our shared values and commitment to supporting Irish businesses, communities, and the economy. As a Guaranteed Irish member, we proudly display the logo, symbolizing authenticity, trust, and excellence.

Being part of Guaranteed Irish is a source of immense pride for us at Timbertrove. It represents our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and service, while also contributing to the growth and prosperity of Ireland.

One of the key pillars of Guaranteed Irish is its emphasis on community impact, something that resonates deeply with us at Timbertrove. We believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us throughout our journey. Whether it's through supporting local initiatives or employing members of the local community, we are committed to making a positive difference wherever we can.

Our partnership with Guaranteed Irish is not just about showcasing our products; it's about celebrating what it means to be Irish – our heritage, our culture, and our spirit of innovation. Together, we are proud ambassadors of Irish excellence, showcasing the best of what our country has to offer to the world.
As we embark on this exciting new chapter with Guaranteed Irish, we invite you to join us in celebrating quality, integrity, and community. Together, let's continue to support Irish businesses and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Thank you for being part of our journey.