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Contemporary Slatted Fencing
Contemporary Slatted Fencing
Contemporary Slatted Fencing
Contemporary Slatted Fencing
Contemporary Slatted Fencing

Product Description

The design of contemporary timber fencing focuses on simplicity with straight, horizontal, or vertical lines, and minimal decorative elements. Contemporary timber fencing can be installed in various configurations, including vertical slats, horizontal slats, or a combination of both. The boards may be spaced evenly or placed close together for increased privacy. The choice of spacing can also impact the visual appeal and functionality of the fence.

We do not supply this type of fencing in standard 1.8m width panels as it is very difficult to line up straight when installing the fence. Instead, we sell individual long lengths of the timber battens. This is far easier to install, plus it gives a more desirable long, sleek finish.  

We recommend using either:

  • 50 x 22mm (2x1") Planed All Over, Pressure Treated Battens
  • 95 x 22mm PAO, Pressure Treated Battens

Which board you choose will be based on individual preferences and project requirements.

The timber is pressure treated, meaning its long lasting and maintenance free. The timber has been 'Planed All Over (PAO)' giving it a smooth, uniform finish on all sides. It can be painted with any suitable wood paint to further compliment your garden design.

Please note, the lengths we have in stock may vary.


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Contemporary Slatted Fencing

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We sell individual long lenghts of the timber battens which can be used to achieve a contemporary slatted fence. This is far easier to install than 1.8m wide panels, plus it gives a more desirable long, sleek finish.