Timber Garden Fencing - Buying Guide

Tidying up your garden, marking out new perimeters, keeping the dog in or transforming your outdoor oasis – Timber fencing is what you’re looking for! Timber fence panels are a cost effective, relatively easy to install and aesthetically appealing choice for your garden. When you choose a Timbertrove Fence Panel you are buying the highest quality wood panels on the market which are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We have been in the timber business since 1986 and have supplied hundreds of thousands of fence panels to the residential and commercial Irish market. 

Here are some considerations when buying a timber fence:

1. Fence Style

2. Fence Size

3. Fence Support Post Material

4. Finishing Touches

1. Fence Style 
What style suits your garden or premises? Are you looking for a modern, traditional or rustic fence? A vertical or horizonal style? Do you want complete privacy with a high solid fence, slight gaps with a slatted fence or is low picket fencing more suitable for you? 

We have a full range of options to choose from! 

Hit & Miss or Holmwood Fencing Panel
Our most popular fencing panel, it is double sided meaning it’s the same on both sides, a win for you and your neighbour. This ‘Hit & Miss’ style of fencing has gaps in between the boards which allows wind to flow though making it a suitable choice for all weather conditions or exposed areas. The vertical boards are evenly placed ensuring that the panel still gives full privacy.  

Heavy Overlap Fencing Panel
Probably the most commonly seen fencing panel throughout Ireland is the classic overlap panel. We have christened ours as a Heavy Overlap Panel as we use thicker boards than most others on the market to ensure this cost-effective fence panel is still giving you a strong and sturdy finish. Boards are placed horizontally and slightly overlapped to give this fence a lengthening feel.

Riverdale Fencing Panel
Arguably our most stylish panel, the Riverdale fence gives a clean contemporary look. We love it paired with our Riverdale trellis on top, which really makes it a feature in your garden. The smooth boards are placed vertically to give a heightening effect to this fence. 
This fence is offered as a single sided panel and a double-sided panel if you wish to have the same finish on both sides. 

Picket Fencing Panel
The perfect picket fence is what most picture outside a traditional home. We offer two options of this panel, a single sided panel which is easy to see through. It is a less intrusive boundary fence but still provides a perimeter none the less. 
We also offer a double sided picket panel which still gives you the picket fence feel however it is a solid fence which you cannot see through. This works well if you are sharing with a neighbour. 
Paint it white to bring your dream house to life!

Closeboard Round Top Fencing Panel
Our closeboard timber fence panel is manufactured with 6 inch round top boards giving it a softer finish that a standard fencing panel. It is a solid panel, which offers plenty of privacy. 

Weather Sheeting Fencing Panel
A sleek looking fence, which uses 7x1 inch (175 x 22mm) smooth planed weather sheeting timber boards. This horizontal fence gives a long plane finish. 

Slatted Fencing
This slatted style fencing has exploded in popularity recently, and we can see why. If you are looking for a modern feature and focal point in your garden, this style of fencing is the way to do it! This look is best achieved using long lengths of PAO (planed, smooth) timber boards. We offer them in 2x1 inch (50x22mm) or 4x1 inch (85 x 22mm). More information here 

Rustic – Hazel or Willow Fencing 
If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional timber fencing, our Hazel wood panels are a stunning rustic option. Hazel wood fencing is constructed by weaving the hazel branches together horizontally between vertical posts. The branches are interwoven in a lattice pattern to create a sturdy and attractive fence panel. This natural style of fencing will blend perfectly in your garden or countryside setting. 

2. Fence Size 

The most popular choice for a fencing panel is a 6x6 foot size, or 1.8 x 1.8m. All of our timber panels are available in a standard 6ft width or 1.8m wide. We do supply our Riverdale & Holmwood Panels in an 8ft wide panel or 2.4m width. 
At Timbertrove, we can custom make panels at our sawmill. As most gardens will require an odd size panel at the end of the fencing row. Order this online here by entering your customer measurements.

Most residential fences are allowed to stand 6ft tall or 1.8m. So our standard 6x6 panels is usually the optimal choice. Alternatively you can go with a 5ft (1.5m) tall panel and a 1ft (.3m) high trellis on top or if you choose to use a concrete base slab and post, the slab will be 1ft high so your panel will be 5ft (1.5m) high, making the overall height 6ft (1.8m).

Single or Double Sided

3. Fence Posts

Timber, Concrete or Steel Posts?
The finished look of your fencing will depend on how you choose to install it. The options are timber posts, concrete posts or steel posts (usually hidden with timber capping). See photos below of each post type. 

4. Fence Finishing Touches 

Post Caps 

D Rail Capping