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Fence Panels | Hit and Miss Fence | Garden Fencing
Fence Panels | Hit and Miss Fence | Garden Fencing
Fence Panels | Hit and Miss Fence | Garden Fencing
Fence Panels | Hit and Miss Fence | Garden Fencing
Fence Panels | Hit and Miss Fence | Garden Fencing
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Product Description

Are you looking for a non-standard width fencing panel? Click here to purchase!

Some photos show our Fencing Panels finished with a Capping and Post Caps, these are additional extras and can be purchased separately.

Our Holmwood or 'Hit and Miss' Fencing Panels are a customer favourite. The panels are double sided, meaning they look the same from both sides. 

Our Holmwood Panels are very strong, we use special ring shank nail not staples to assembled the panels. We manufacture all the Holmwood panels in our own factory in the Dublin Mountains. We can make up odd size fence panels to suit your requirements, some limitations apply.

These Fence Panels are avaiable in two widths:

  • 1.8m wide fence panel or 6ft wide fence panel
  • 2.4m wide fence panel or 8ft wide fence panel

Our Timber Fencing is available in six heights:

  • 1.8m high Fencing or 6ft high Garden Fence
  • 1.5m high Fencing or 5ft high Garden Fence
  • 1.2m high Fencing or 4ft high Garden Fence  
  • 0.9m high Fencing or 3ft high Garden Fence
  • 0.6m high Fencing or 2ft high Garden Fence
  • 0.3m high Fencing or 1ft high Garden Fence  

Holmwood panels are pressure treated with a preservative that provides an effective barrier against insects and fungal decay. Pressure Treated Fence Panels are expected to withstand rot for at least 15 years without any further treatment.


Standard Features

  • Board sizes 150mm x 10mm
  • Double Sided (Looks the same on both sides)
  • All timber pressure treated
  • Will fit into concrete H posts and concrete base
  • To view our range of fence fittings and extras, please click here

What is Hit and Miss Fencing?

Hit and Miss Fencing is used to describe Fence Panels that have boards placed on both sides of a horizontal batten, allowing even gaps in between. One side is 'hit' with a board, then a gap or 'miss' is left, the other side works the opposite way. The finished Fencing Panels looks great from both sides, and gives full privacy as you cannot see through the gaps. It's an ideal way to create a beautiful garden boundary that you and your neighbours can both appreciate. 

The benefit of Hit and Miss Fence Panels is that the gaps in the boards allow air flow between the timber which reduces the wind load.  Another advantage is that both sides of the panel have the same design so you and your neighbour win!

Standard Sizes

  • 8x6ft Fence Panel / 2.4 x 1.8m 
  • 6x6ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 1.8m 
  • 6x5ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 1.5m
  • 6x4ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 1.2m 
  • 6x3ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 0.9m 
  • 6x2ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 0.6m
  • 6x1ft Fence Panel / 1.8 x 0.3m 

Should you need an irregular width fencing panel to finish off your garden area, please click here to purchase. 

Please note: all products are constructed to metric measurements. Imperial measurements quoted are solely for the convenience of our customers. 

Please note: all products in the pictures displayed on our website can appear different  when viewed in person. We would recommend that all our customers visit our showrooms to view our products before purchasing.

Additional Information

  • CLICK HERE to view our Frequently Asked Questions
  • CLICK HERE for tips on how to take care of your new Timbertrove product


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