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Product Description

Our 4 inch round top pickets boards are approximately 95mm x 18mm. 

These loose picket boards are planed all over (PAO), leaving a smooth finish. They have been pressure treated, meaning they are long lasting and suitable for outdoor use. 

We use these boards to manufacture our Picket Fencing Panels

Round top picket boards are a type of wooden fencing material commonly used for decorative and functional purposes. These picket boards have a rounded or semi-circular top, which gives them a distinctive appearance and helps prevent sharp edges that could pose safety concerns. Loose picket boards are often used to create traditional, charming, and welcoming fencing around gardens, yards, or properties. Picket fencing is also commonly known as Cottage Fencing.

Our picket boards are available in various heights and can be spaced at different intervals to create the desired level of privacy and aesthetics. We usually stock the below sizes: 

  • 3 foot / .9m
  • 4 foot / 1.2m
  • 5 foot / 1.5m
  • 6 foot / 1.8m

Lengths in stock may vary

We also stock 6 inch round top picket boards, click here to view.


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Picket Boards 4 inch (95mm) Treated Timber

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Product Code 24x1R