Post Concrete

Product Code: post10
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Product Code: post10
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Post Concrete is a fast-setting mix used for fixing all types of timber, metal, plastic & concrete posts. Bag size 20kg.

Setting will occur in within 5-10 minutes (under normal weather conditions).


1. Dig a hole to the correct dimensions according to the post size (Refer to Table ). Fill the hole halfway with water and position the post vertically in the hole.

2. Pour Post Concrete into the hole ensuring to pour evenly around the post, up to the water surface. If any dry powder is still visible sprinkle with water.

3. Immediately adjust the level and position of the post as required and support in this position for approximately 5 minutes or until setting begins.

4. Lightly tap the surface of the Post Concrete to remove any air bubbles and when setting

Post Size Hole Size (W x D) No. Bags Required
Round 50mm 150 X 450 0.5
200 X 300 0.66
200 X 600 1.5
Square 75mm 150 X 600 0.5
200 X 600 1
250 X 600 2
300 X 600 3
Square 100mm 200 X 750 1
250 X 450 1.5
300 X 450 2
300 X 750 3

Health & Safety

  • As with all cement-based materials and products care must be taken.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective clothing.
  • Avoid breathing-in cement dust - wear a face mask.
  • If it comes into contact with the skin, immediately wash it off with plenty of water.
  • If concrete splashes into the eyes, flush out with water and seek medical attention immediately.


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