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Wheelie Bin Storage | Bin Stores Ireland
Wheelie Bin Storage | Bin Stores Ireland
Wheelie Bin Storage | Bin Stores Ireland
Wheelie Bin Storage | Bin Stores Ireland
Wheelie Bin Storage | Bin Stores Ireland
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Product Description

Bin Storage for your ugly wheelie bins! Our Wheelie Bin Stores are maintenance free and long lasting. Timbertrove's triple bin storage provides a neat and tidy solution for hiding your wheelie bins.

  • Supplied as individual units, which sit side by side
  • A level site is required 
  • Maintenance free, pressure treated timber
  • Excellent quality bin storage solution
  • Add a lid as an optional extra

Our excellent quality wheelie bin stores are the perfect solution to keep your bins neatly concealed and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our timber bin storage combines functionality, durability, and appealing design. Our bin storage shed sits neatly in your front or back garden. We have supplied thousands of bin stores to the private and commercial sector.

Constructed from high-quality timber, our triple wheelie bin storage is built to withstand the elements and ensure long-lasting performance. The timber used is pressure treated to resist rot, decay, and insect damage, providing you with a reliable storage solution for years to come. Our latest design is enhanced with a steel component on the base, which strengthens the storage unit and also allows the bins to be rolled in and out easily.

We understand the importance of proper ventilation to keep unpleasant odours at bay. That's why our bin store incorporates strategically placed ventilation slots, ensuring optimal airflow and allowing any trapped moisture to escape.

Lids can be added as an optional extra, the storage unit is functional with or without lids, this is a personal preference.

Our bin stores are supplied in a natural timber finish, if you wish to add a splash of colour, any wood suitable paint can be used.

Invest in our excellent quality timber wheelie bin storage and bid farewell to unsightly bins cluttering your property. Experience the convenience, durability, and style it offers, transforming your outdoor space into a tidy and organized haven. Don't compromise on quality, choose our timber wheelie bin store for a superior solution that truly stands out.


PT (Pressure Treated)

Our premium wheelie bin storage is constructed with the highest quality pressure treated timber for exceptional durability and longevity.

Pressure Treated Timber is treated with a preservative which provides an effective barrier against insects & fungal decay, extending it's lifespan. This process involves immersion in a high-pressure tank which quickly forces preservatives deep into the timber, helping it withstand future damage and exposure to the elements. 
This wheelie bin shed has been expertly designed to withstand the harsh elements of outdoor environments, making it the perfect bin screen.

Standard Sizes

No. Of UnitsApprox Size
1 Bin0.76m (W) x .8m (D) x 1.2m (H)
2 Bins1.52m (W) x .8m (D) x 1.2m (H)
3 Bins2.28m (W) x .8m (D) x 1.2m (H)
4 Bins3.04m (W) x .8m (D) x 1.2m (H)

Additional Information

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IMPORTANT DELIVERY AND FITTING NOTE: We offer delivery of this product around Ireland. Click here to find out more about our delivery details.


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